by Gantry Style & Robots

The palletizers are designed in two variants: gantry style and robot palletizing. In the case of gantry style palletizing, the products are placed on a pallet individually or in a group using a 4-axis servo system in a stable frame. The robot palletizer in the 4- or 6-axis variant grips individual products or entire layers. A big advantage is the fast format changeover and short set-up times. 

Your Advantages
  • Fast format change
  • Individual customizable palletizing schemes
  • Receiving of layers or individual products
  • Flexible gripping and suction tools
  • Electronic parameter and recipe management
  • Variable, customer specific structure of the palletizing cells
  • Executable as a collaborative system
  • Euro pallets, industrial pallets, special pallets
  • Moveable
Labeling, Coding for identification and tracking
Camera Systems for inspection and position detection
Process Control Systems for evaluation, analysis and optimization of the entire packaging process - Shopfloor Management
Lateral shift carriage for space-saving transport of the pallets
Pallet Storage for receiving and separating pallet stacks

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