for packaging of taping rolls

With this system, rolls of adhesive tape are packed automatically into pre-cut cardboard blanks. The rolls can be provided with labels and a print in the inner core. Additional processes such as packing the individual rolls in a single bag or shrink-wrapping in film, can be integrated into the packaging line. A smooth process is ensured by using silicone release papers or silicone rings on the adhesive surfaces. Infinitely variable adjustment units and transport on carriers, enable the process of a wide variety of adhesive tape roll formats.

Your Advantages
  • Output range: maximum 72 rolls/min.
  • Continuous expansion of formats through efficient adjustment systems
  • Transport of rolls with workpiece carriers, inner core printing and labelling
  • Packaging options: bagged or shrink-wrapped
  • Packaging: carton erection, roll grouping, insertion of intermediate layers into the carton
  • Carton filling by robot
  • Carton sealing with adhesive tape or hot glue, insertion of data sheet and carton label
Hot melt for a quick and resistant gluing
Folding and carding without adhesive for optional manual straightening of the box
Bond adhesive for applicable folding cartons, Amarican cases, cardboard sleeves, etc.
Labeling, Coding for identification and tracking
Camera Systems for inspection and position detection
Process Control Systems for evaluation, analysis and optimization of the entire packaging process - Shopfloor Management
Discharging for the removal of damaged products
Leaflet inserter for inserting brochures, instruction manuals, flyers, etc.
Sorting for mixing different varieties of your product in one outer packaging
Distributor to distribute products from one to multiple tracks

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